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5X - Mr Lines 5Y - Mrs Regan 5Z - Miss Swales

A Message from the Year 5 Teachers (12/06/20)

School Closure - Home Learning

Whilst the school is closed, here are some useful ideas for Year 5 children.  

The children need to ensure they are practising their times tables and spellings and reading regularly.

For further general activities, websites and games please visit our Learning Zone


Google Classroom

Occasionally teachers may set additional work via Google Classroom

Children need to sign in with their chromebook login details

Any problems with log in please contact 


Google Meets Live Lessons via Google Classroom

The Children will be able to access live lessons with their teacher on a weekly basis starting 19th June 2020.

Their lesson times are as follows:

5X - Fridays at 12pm

5Y - Fridays at 12.30pm

5Z - Fridays at 1pm


Please make sure they have their camera and mic enabled to be able to fully access the lesson


30 Day PE Challenge a Day

BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons - Year 5

Starting Monday 20th April, BBC Bitesize will be uploading a daily lesson in Maths and English as well as other subjects such as History, Music and Science. 

Click on the image or here to get started.

Oak National Academy Online Classroom - Year 5

A Daily lesson in Maths and English plus one Foundation subject.  Lessons are progressive so may be best to start at week one.

Click on the image or here to get started.


If you have any queries, please contact the school via our dedicated school closure email: and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Letters to Parents 


PE Days

Class Indoor PE Outdoor PE
5X Wednesday AM  Friday PM
5Y Wednesday AM Friday PM
5Z Tuesday PM Friday PM

Please make sure you have your full PE kit in school on these days.

What are we learning this Term / Year?

Current Class Readers

5X Beetleboy by M.G. Leonard

Darkus is miserable. His dad has disappeared, and now he is living next door to the most disgusting neighbours ever. A giant beetle called Baxter comes to his rescue. But can the two solve the mystery of his dad’s disappearance, especially when links emerge to cruel Lucretia Cutter and her penchant for beetle jewellery?

A coffee-mug mountain, home to a million insects, could provide the answer – if Darkus and Baxter are brave enough to find it.

5Y Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll

When Lilian Kaye finds a parcel on her grandad's doorstep, she is shocked to see who sent it: a famous Egyptologist, found dead that very morning, according to every newspaper in England!

The mysterious package holds the key to a story... about a king whose tomb archaeologists are desperately hunting for.

Now Lil and her friends must embark on an incredible journey - to return the package to its resting place, to protect those they love, and to break the deadly pharaoh's curse.

5Z Wonder by R J Palacio
August or Auggie is a young ten-year-old boy who has been born with an incredible facial abnormality. He is a normal young kid who eats ice cream and plays on his xbox but his abnormality drives other children away on roads and on playgrounds. Owing to his abnormality, his parents have him homeschooled till the age of ten. But now Auggie must go to school, a real one at that, with other children. August dreads his first day in school and the book talks about his trials and trepidations.


House Dojo Points

Year 5 Spring Term 1 Total Year 5 Year to Date Total

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Year 5 Autumn Term 1 & 2 Total  

Year 5 Photo Gallery

World Book Day - Poetry Door Displays

5X 5Y 5Z

Being Brave at Night

by Edgar Guest

Surrounded by Noise 

by Ian Souter

The Sound Collector

by Roger McGough

The other night 'bout two o'clock, or maybe it was three,
An elephant with shining tusks came chasing after me.
His trunk was wavin' in the air an'  spoutin' jets of steam
An' he was out to eat me up, but still I didn't scream
Or let him see that I was scared - a better thought I had,
I just escaped from where I was and crawled in bed with dad.

One time there was a giant who was horrible to see,
He had three heads and twenty arms, an' he came after me
And red hot fire came from his mouths and every hand was red
And he declared he'd grind my bones and make them into bread.
But I was just too smart for him, I fooled him might bad,
Before his hands could collar me I crawled in bed with dad.

I ain't scared of nothin that comes pesterin' me at night.
Once I was chased by forty ghosts all shimmery an' white.
An' I just raced 'em round the room an' let 'em think maybe
I'd have to stop an' rest awhile, when they could capture me.
Then when they leapt onto my bed, Oh Gee! But they were mad
To find that I had slipped away an' crawled in bed with dad.

No giants, ghosts or elephants have dared to come in there
'Coz if they did he'd beat 'em up and chase 'em to their lair.
They just hang 'round the children's rooms
an' snap an' snarl an' bite
An' laugh if they can make 'em yell
for help with all their might.
But I don't ever yell out loud. I'm not that sort of lad,
I slip from out the covers and I crawl in bed with dad.


I’m surrounded by noise,




A car down on the street.



A disco beat.



A hammer next door.



Brother jumping on the floor.



A train rattles by.



A plane climbs the sky.



A workman on the road.



Mum about to explode.


We’re surrounded by noise,





A stranger called this morning
Dressed all in black and grey
Put every sound into a bag
And carried them away

The whistling of the kettle
The turning of the lock
The purring of the kitten
The ticking of the clock

The popping of the toaster
The crunching of the flakes
When you spread the marmalade
The scraping noise it makes

The hissing of the frying pan
The ticking of the grill
The bubbling of the bathtub
As it starts to fill


The drumming of the raindrops
On the windowpane
When you do the washing-up
The gurgle of the drain

The crying of the baby
The squeaking of the chair
The swishing of the curtain
The creaking of the stair

A stranger called this morning
He didn't leave his name
Left us only silence
Life will never be the same


Mid Hants Railway Visit

DT - Building and testing a Shadoof

Art - Roy Lichtenstein

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