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Google Classroom


Google Classroom is used for setting weekly homework.


Google Classroom is free and web based.  This means that you can use it anywhere and on any device that has internet access.  You can log in to Google Classroom in a variety of ways for example on a Computer (PC,Mac,laptop), mobile phone or tablet.  


With this guide we will show you how to get Google Classroom at home, how to log in, and how to make use of all of it's features as well as integrating with Google Drive.  


Let's get started...


How do I get Google Classroom at home? 

On a PC/Mac/Laptop

Open your internet browser and type in the following address: ( ç or click this link).  We will show you how to log in, in the next step.


On a Mobile Phone/Tablet

The easiest way to access Google Classroom is via the app.  This is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices. Look for this logo in the app store and don't forget to ask an adult's permission before downloading!


Alternatively, you can log in using the same method as you would if you were using a computer (see above) using your device's internet browser. 

How do I log in to Google Classroom?

You will have been given your Google login by your class teacher when you joined the school.  Your username will stay the same until you leave.  You will be asked to set up a unique password when you first log in.  Your teachers would have helped you do this (usually in Year 3).  Don't worry if you forget your password, we can always help you reset it.    

Remember your password is private to you and should not be shared with anyone else.  


When you use the Chromebooks or Ipad at school, you will log in to these devices using your Google logins.  These devices know you are at school so you only need to add the first part of your username like this:

USERNAME:   Firstname.inital   e.g. Harry.P or Hermione.Gr


When you login at home, you need to add in some extra information to link up to your school account.  Your username will now look like this:

USERNAME:   e.g. or


When you open Google Classroom you will be taken to a login screen.  

You may see the following screen if someone else has previously signed into their google account on the same device.  If this is case you will have add your account. 

 You cannot access your Google Classroom using someone else's login details.  


Delete the email address already populated

Click on Add another account
Type in your and click next

Enter your password.  If you want to check you are entering it correctly,

click the eye icon to see what you have typed then and click next.  

Forgotten your password? Do not click on forgot password.  Let your teacher know or ask a parent to submit a request using the form at the bottom of this page. 


You have now signed in to Google Classroom! 

Depending on the device you are using your home screen will look like one of these.    

On a PC/Mac/Laptop

On a Phone/Tablet

You should see a banner with a picture and your class name.  Click on that to get started and open your class stream.  If you are in Middle School (MLD) you may have 2 of these one for MLD and one for your link class. 

You will not need a class code to join.  Check you are signed in using your details.  If you cannot access your classroom, please let your teacher know so they can check you are assigned correctly.

Want to know more about how to use Google Classroom? 

Click on one of the links below for more how to guides

Google Classroom Password Reset

If your child has forgotten their Google Classroom password, you can request a reset using the form below. Please make sure you include your child's name and class in the message.

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