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Making Payments via the Arbor App (IOS or Android)

The Arbor App can downloaded on iOS and Android devices 


The Arbor app is ideal for making one-off payments as there is no basket function.  If you want to make multiple purchases please use the browser version of the Parent Portal (click here for the guides)


The step-by-step guides below will show you how to make: 

  • Meal payments
  • Club & Trip payments (including Music Lessons)
  • School Shop payments (including Second-hand Uniform)
  • Overview of Arbor App


If you have any problems making a payment, please contact the school office. 

Meal Payments

To access meal payments, scroll down to Accounts from the main dashboard.  This will also show you the current balance for your child's dinner account. 


Click on this box which will take you through to the meals dashboard.  From here you can see the days when meals have been taken. To make a payment click the green Top Up Account button.  Select the Bill payer from the drop down list (You should only be able to select yourself!) and enter the amount you wish to pay.  A comment can be added to the narrative box if required but is not necessary. then click Pay Now to add your card details.




Trips and Club Payments (inc Music Lessons)

To access trip and club payments, scroll down to Activities from the main dashboard.  Select either Clubs or Trips.

Please note that music lessons currently come under Trip payments


Example: Paying a trip/music lesson

Select the relevant trip from the list. In this example keyboard lessons have been paid in full and Young Voices has an outstanding payment to pay. 




As you can see, the Young Voices club has a green Add another payment button.  Select this to go through to the payment page. There are 2 types of payments full payment and pay by instalment

If payment by instalment is set up, there will be an additional box showing the minimum instalment amount.  You can make any payment between the minimum and the outstanding or full amount until the trip is paid.  The payment box will default to the minimum so please check the amount before proceeding to payment. Click the green Pay button to enter your card details. 



School Shop Payments (inc Second Hand Uniform) 

Please note you can only purchase one product at a time via the app.  To make multiple purchases it may be better to use the Parent Portal via a browser which has a cart facility. 


To access the School Shop, scroll down and select School Shop from the main dashboard. 



Currently the items are listed individually but may be sorted by category in the future.  Select the item you wish to purchase, then select your quantity and select the green Buy Product button to proceed to payment.  Once purchased, the items will be picked by the office and sent home via your child. 




An Overview of the Arbor App

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