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We would encourage you to travel actively to school - on your feet, scooter or bicycle - as often as possible. If it is raining, be ready with a waterproof coat and, on darker nights, consider reflective clothing. We do understand that, for some families, logistics mean that at least some of the journey needs to be completed by car. If this is the case for your family, please consider doing one of the following:

  • Park and Stride - if you must drive to school, please find a suitable Park and Stride site so you can park away from the school entrance and walk the last 5-10 minutes. This will really help.  Please Parkwise and always be respectful of local residents.
  • To speed up the walk from the car to school, why not bring your child’s scooter and Scoot from the Boot?
  • Park on my Drive – know anyone else attending your school who lives nearby and has space on their drive which you could borrow twice a day? Why not ask if you can park on their drive and walk in from there, perhaps with them if you are able to observe social distancing? It makes a fantastically sociable start to the day.

Parking Around the School Site

We are seeing an increasing number of Parents and Carers driving and using the front entrance to drop and collect their children at each end of the day. A vast majority of our children live with half a mile of the school and easily withing walking distance.  Please think, is it necessary to drive your child to and from school? And if it is, then please consider using our designated car park in King George V Park.  There is a path from the car park straight to the rear school gate on the Upper School playground. 


For the safety of our children, please refrain from parking at the front of the school entrance across the dropped kerb (on both sides).  This is the easiest and safest place for the children to cross when they leave the front gate, especially if they walk home without an adult.  


We are located in a residential area that can become congested at busy times.  We have seen parents/carers arriving very early and then waiting on the roundabout for up to 20 minutes – this causes huge tailbacks and problems around the front of the school. Due to inconsiderate and dangerous parking at pick up and drop off times around the site; it would be near impossible for an emergency vehicle to get through to the school or one of our neighbours.  We would ask that all our parents/carers are respectful of our neighbours in Cunnington Road and The Grove when choosing where to park.  


We are also on a rota with the traffic wardens at Rushmoor BC who do randomly monitor the situation on the roads outside the front of and on the approach to school and will issue tickets if required.  


Points to consider when parking, some are legal requirements:

  • Do not park or stop on the ‘School Keep Clear’ zig zags
  • Do not park opposite or within 10m (approx. 33 feet) of a junction
  • Allow pedestrians better visibility by parking clear of any crossing points
  • Unless signposted otherwise, do not park on pavements or verges
  • Do not block vehicle access points including driveways


Know your Parking Restrictions

Yellow Zig-Zag road markings can be found outside schools, hospitals, fire, police and ambulance stations. They indicate a part of the road where you are not allowed to stop for any length of time including to pick up or drop off passengers. If there is a sign it will indicate that there is a compulsory prohibition of stopping during the times shown.

Yellow lines along the road indicate there are waiting restrictions. Not only do they apply to the road but also the pavement and verges.  Double yellow lines mean that there is to be no waiting at any time.  

Access protection markings (APMs) are white 'H' shaped lines, sometimes called H bars, painted onto the road to draw attention to a driveway or access. These white lines are advisory markings and have no legal standing.  However, the APM in the picture above is accompanied by double yellow lines on both sides on the carriageway which prohibits parking.  The road between these two dropped kerbs is the main crossing point for our children and should not be blocked at any time.  


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