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South Farnborough Junior School




Various live streams - WWF Learn to Love Nature -

click on link for specific dates and times


EARTH HOUR - Saturday 28th March 8.30pm-9.30pm


10am - Dr Chips STEM actvities


11am - Lets Go Live with Maddie and Greg

Little Alchemy 2

A free game which can be played online or downloaded as an app.   

Combine different elements to make new ones, with lots of items to discover.

Click on the logo to get started or follow this link:

Wonder Quest (2 Series of 12 episodes)

A family friendly animated Minecraft YouTube series from Stampycat and Wizard Keen who go on an adventure exploring topics such as Space, Plants and Trees, Energy, Measuring etc.  Each 15-20 min episode also has an accompanying I Wonder series of cartoons – traditional animation, not filmed in Minecraft – which will provide three-minute “deep dives” into the educational topic for each Wonder Quest episode.

Learn to Love Nature

Live learning, resources and packs


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