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75th Anniversary of VE Day – 8th May 1945


This Friday, 8th May, sees the 75th anniversary of VE Day, signalling the end of the Second World War in Europe.


As well as having a look at the presentation, which tells you lots about the important events of World War II, here are some activities you might enjoy at home over this bank holiday weekend.

  • Make your own VE Day bunting and/or flags, just like the ones in the photographs – what messages would you put on it for this year? There are some bunting templates on Twinkl if you need them!
  • During the war people wrote letters to each other – they often spoke about the fun they would have when the war was over. Write a letter to a friend or relative about what you are looking forward to doing when the current restrictions lift.
  • Organise a house tea party for VE Day with just the people you live with. What games and activities should you play? (Jam sandwiches were popular during the war – perhaps you can make some of those?)
  • Listen to the stories of people from the Second World War and remember VE Day:
  • Using the images and the captions to write a story about VE Day, imagining that you are one of the people there.
  • In the news recently there has been a lot of stories about Captain Tom Moore, a Second World War veteran – can you find out what he did during the Second World War?
  • Find out how different people in Europe acknowledged and commemorated VE Day.
  • Have a look at Rushmoor Borough Council's VE Day page which has lots of actvities and links.


We would love to see any photos of what you get up to to share on the website, please send them to the support email: 

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