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Year 3

3X - Miss Waters3Y - Mrs Orme & Mrs Winter

3Z - Miss Ellis 

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Google Classroom and Online Learning

Logins can be found in the back of your yellow home/school book


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For more information on how to access Google Classroom and How-to user guides please click on the image above

The children have been issued with a username and password. 

Our school code is 108227

To access the website click on the image above 

School Username: south18

School Password: fraction96

For set work, your child will also have an individual username and password

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PE Days 2021/2022

Children will need to come to school in their PE kit on their designated PE days as stated below. They will stay in their PE Kit all day.

ClassIndoor PEOutdoor PE
3XTuesday PMMonday PM
3YThursday PMMonday PM
3ZThursday PMMonday PM

What are we learning this year?

Autumn Term

To view the full year plan, please see the PDF below.  To view all our curriculum information please click here

SubjectAutumn 1Autumn 2
ICTMultimedia and word processing.  Introduction to Chromebooks.

Email - sending and receiving, link to letters unit in English

Digital images linked to Science

E-SafetyE-awareness. Passwords, Keeping SafeE-Safety
ScienceInvestigating MagnetsLongitudinal study

British Prehistory.

Stone Age / Iron Age Britain

British Prehistory.

Stone Age / Iron Age Britain


Joep Buijs - Create a self portrait in the style of Joep Buijs

Create a cave painting and mammoth craft

Beaker people clay pots

Create observational drawings of clay pots and creating thumb pots

DTPop up cards - make a moving Christmas cardPop up cards - make a moving Christmas card

Belonging - Where do we belong? 

Christians and Hindus

Angels, meaning and importance

Gym - Stretching, curling and arching

Games - Multi skills

Dance - Link to Stone Age History topic

Games - Multi skills and Invasion games

PHSE & Citizenship

Belonging - New beginnings

and settling in

Getting on and falling out. 

Focus on feelings

MFLPhonics.  Songs & games. Greetings names, numbers, registerDays of the week, nouns in their pencil case, Christmas in Spain

Texture and Timbre


Texture and Timbre



Current Class Readers



Anna Gain by Guy Bass

Ever-punctual Anna Gain is never late, and she's certainly never late for the school bus. Every day she catches it in perfect time. But not today. After a series of absurd events cause Anna to miss the bus, she's transported one minute back in time - only to be stuck re-living the same sixty seconds again ... and again ... and again ... Is fate trying to teach Anna a lesson?


The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher

This is a story about a boy named William Trundle and a dinosaur named the Christmasaurus. It's about how they meet one Christmas Eve and have a magical adventure. It's about friendship and families, sleigh bells and Santa, singing elves and flying reindeer. It's about discovering your heart's true desire, and learning that the impossible might just be possible


The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of Pig by Emer Stamp

We love Pig (we can't help it), but Pig loves Farmer, and he can't help it either.

After all, Farmer gives Pig yummy slops and special back scratches, and calls him Sausage and seems to love him more, the fatter he gets. Just as well Pig doesn't speak any Farmer.

But Duck does (Duck's clever like that), and he's determined his best friend should know the truth.This is tough for Pig. But Pig won't just sit there and weep (though we may do, on his behalf), because there's help from an unexpected quarter: the Evil Chickens have a plan...

Other books we have read this year

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English - How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth!

E-Safety Workshop

Butser Farm Trip September 2021

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