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Resourced Provision

What is the Resourced Provision?

The Resourced Provision is a specialist resource classroom base within the school for twenty pupils across Key Stage 2 with an Education and Health Care Plan for moderate learning difficulties.  Places for the provision are allocated by Hampshire Local Authority.


The Resourced Provision, known as Middle School, supports children to reach their potential whilst providing a nurturing environment. The children and staff in the resourced provision are an integral part of the whole school and share it's values and vision.


All children will have access to a broad balanced curriculum and opportunities for collaborative learning appropriate to their stage of development. Each child has a specific link class, with who they will integrate.


Children follow the same topics and curriculum areas as their mainstream peers and details of what topics the children are studying can be found in their year group page. This includes access to trips to support their learning and understanding.  English and Maths lessons follow similar themes where appropriate but also include interventions such as Read, Write Inc and MyTY maths to support the children’s learning as appropriate to needs.


The aim of the Resourced Provision is to develop the children's social, emotional and learning abilities in order to enable them to integrate effectively and according to their needs within the mainstream school. It is designed to allow children to develop as competent learners aiming for as much independence as possible. Integration is the goal, but the pace at which an individual effectively achieves such integration will be carefully staged, monitored and consultation with the parents will take place. This is to ensure we meet individual needs at each step and the individual child experiences success.  


All children register twice daily and integrate with their mainstream link class for PE and music with the support of a member of the middle school staff. The Resourced Provision pupils are also encouraged to join school clubs and participate in extra-curricular activities.


Within the Resourced Provision area the pupils will have a secure environment and individual learning programmes to meet their individual needs. Middle School staff are on duty at break and lunchtimes to help support children as appropriate together with mainstream LSAs and Teaching Staff.


Outside Agencies

The Resourced Provision works with appropriate agencies or therapists in order to meet the child's needs. We will liaise with parents and implement any programmes devised by therapists (following their guidance) where appropriate. We have regular contact with:-

  • Educational Psychology Service.
  • Teacher Advisors (for Learning and Physical Difficulties)
  • Speech and Language Therapy Service.
  • Occupational Therapy / Physiotherapy Service.
  • Educational Welfare Officer.
  • SEN Inspectors and Advisors.

Parents are actively encouraged to share reports from medical professionals with school. (These are not generally shared directly.) Sharing of information helps inform your child’s learning and emotional needs and should also contribute to annual reviews of Education and Health Care Plans and any other support plans as appropriate to individual needs


School Transport

Some of the children in Middle School travel to and from school on school transport buses. The school itself doesn't get involved in arranging this transport. If you have a query about school transport you should contact the school transport team at Hampshire directly –

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