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Embracing our values today, to be a successful part of the world tomorrow


Resourced Provision

“Embracing our values today… to be a successful part of the world tomorrow!”


Resourced Provision

Teacher in charge of Resourced Provision - Mrs Laura Hudson


South Farnborough Junior School has a resourced provision for children with an Education, Health and Care Plan for moderate learning difficulties. This consists of twenty places across Key Stage 2. Places for the provision are allocated by Hampshire Local Authority.




In the Resourced Provision, we deliver an exciting and engaging curriculum which supports children to gain essential knowledge and skills for their future, whilst providing a secure environment in which they can flourish. All children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum which includes opportunities for collaborative learning and is ambitious for children’s individual stage of development. Children are supported in their mental health, including developing appropriate emotional literacy skills, which lead to them being able to manage their own emotional needs and be positive about themselves and their learning. Social, emotional, spiritual and cultural skills are developed in order to enable children to integrate effectively and according to their individual needs within the mainstream school. Integration is the goal, but the pace at which an individual effectively achieves such integration will be carefully staged, monitored and in consultation with parents/carers.


To ensure we meet the varying needs of children, teaching and learning is accessed through multi-sensory whole class and small group sessions. This ensures children gain a sense of belonging and develop social skills, which is vital for them to be successful.




The Resourced Provision Curriculum is made up of the following components:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Topic-based
    • Science
    • History
    • Geography
  • Personal Development Learning
  • Art & Design
  • Design Technology
  • Music
  • PE
  • RE
  • Computing
  • Languages


The Resourced Provision curriculum for English and Maths includes the National Curriculum programmes of study at the appropriate point of children’s learning. In the Foundation Subjects, the Resourced Provision follows the mainstream Long-Term Plans based on National Curriculum Programmes of Study. These are adapted to be ambitious for the level of learning according to pupil’s individual needs and areas of development. A topic-based approach is implemented for Science, Geography and History with additional subjects taught through discrete sessions. Resourced Provision teachers work with subject leaders to identify key knowledge and develop bespoke plans in order to meet the specific needs of the children in the provision. Provision staff meet regularly to discuss and review the needs of each individual pupil and assess children using National Curriculum objectives at a level appropriate to their development. The programmes that we follow allow us to deliver lessons which are hands-on and engaging, so that children can all access the learning and achieve. The repetition of activities helps to build levels of understanding which is easier to refer to in their memory. We embed cultural capital throughout our programmes of study to ensure that there are meaningful learning experiences for our children. All of these combined allow us to support children to develop their knowledge and skills outside of the school to be a successful part of the community as they grow.


Key points of curriculum implementation

  • Teaching and learning typically takes place in small groups with whole class sessions to encourage a sense of belonging and to support the development of children’s social skills.
  • Learning incorporates a multi-sensory approach to ensure lessons are inclusive, engaging and children are able to access the learning in a way that suits them.
  • The Resourced provision has an individually planned timetable that includes all elements of the curriculum with an emphasis on more formal teaching of English and Mathematics in the mornings and foundation subjects in the afternoons to ensure that every child has access to a broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum, which is appropriate for their individual needs.
  • Teachers work together with mainstream classes to outline activities for each term, including educational visits and enrichment activities to ensure that we maintain our inclusive practice and to ensure that the children are set up for success by socialising and integrating with their peers.
  • Specific groups or individual pupils may access programmes, as necessary, following individual assessment in order to ensure that they have the right support in place to accelerate their individual progress.
  • Opportunities are given for structured and purposeful social communication skills throughout the school and specific targets identified for pupils where relevant.


Additional Therapies

Pupils may have support from a wide variety of outside agencies and therapists. These specialists may set individual programmes for speech & language (SaLT), physiotherapy, occupational therapy (OT), specialist teachers, e.g. Hearing Impairment. These are incorporated into the pupil’s regular learning activities and they may also receive 1-to-1 support for these.

The school has a range of in-school provision (ELSA) and links with external agencies (Councillor, Educational Psychologist) to support the pupils’ emotional and social development, attendance, safeguarding alongside their academic progress.




To ensure our school vision of inclusion is realised, we consider the Resourced Provision the heart of the school. Our overall goal through the provision is to allow children to develop as competent learners aiming for as much independence as possible, ensuring that they have the same ambitious and broad offer as the rest of our pupils. Alongside this we aim to develop the children's social, emotional, spiritual and cultural skills in order to enable children to integrate effectively and according to their individual needs within the mainstream school. For this reason, we consider our children’s involvement in the wider life of the school a crucial evidence of the impact of our provision and education. Furthermore, by experiencing all aspects of school life: curriculum, socially, clubs and enrichment, children have a supported and successful transition to secondary school, be it mainstream or a specialist provision.


Alongside the children’s personal social and emotional growth, there are other factors to ensure our provision is providing the best for our children. Children are assessed against National Curriculum objectives at a level appropriate and meaningful to their development. Teachers meet regularly to collaboratively discuss and review individual pupil’s and the whole department’s needs. All children have an EHCP and individual targets are reviewed and developed from the Annual Review process which involves all professionals involved with the child; parents, external agencies and teachers. These targets are delivered across the provision and targeted through the IEP process. Progress for phonics, reading, spelling and maths is measured through screening which is monitored by the Teacher in Charge of the Resourced Provision and leadership team. South Farnborough Junior School Progression Steps have been created to asses measurable progress against the Pre-Key Stage Standards.


Through these methods, we can ensure high-quality teaching and learning for the whole child so that they are prepared for their next step in school as well as preparing them for the wider world.


If you wish to speak to the teacher in charge of the resourced provision, please contact Mrs Hudson on 01252 545682.

Please note that whilst we are happy to show you around our resourced provision, it is the local authority (Hampshire County Council) that offers children a place and not the school.  

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Some of the children in Middle School travel to and from school on school transport buses. The school itself doesn't get involved in arranging this transport. If you have a query about school transport you should contact the school transport team at Hampshire directly –

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