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How you can encourage your children to walk to school?

  • Plan your route together in advance, finding quieter roads and paths wherever possible
  • Practice the journey at the weekend when the roads are likely to be quieter
  • Accompany your child for a few days. As they gain confidence, gradually reduce how far you go
  • Make sure they know how to deal with any busier junctions or roads
  • Cross the road with a School Crossing Patrol Officer if possible
  • If you live too far away, why not try parking close to the school and walking the rest of the way
  • Walk with a friend. Get dropped off at a friend’s house close to school and walk together


Pedestrian Entrances

We have 3 pedestrian entrances in to school.  The main gate is located in Cunnington Road.  As you look at the school this is to the right hand side. This gate should also be used by any daytime visitors. Under no circumstances should pedestrians enter the school site through the automated car park gate.

We have 2 further side gates:  

  • The first is located off an alley way linking the left hand side of Cunnington Road and the top of The Grove.  This gate leads to the lower school playground and is locked during the school day.
  • The second is located off King George V park.  A path links to the car park, which is also our designated car park, and then on towards Sycamore Road.  If you exit left out of this gate and follow the tree line, you can exit the park from The Grove.  This gate leads to the upper school playground and is locked during the school day. 


8 great reasons to walk to school


1. In the right frame of mind

Children who walk to school arrive in a calmer frame of mind, ready to cope with the work of the day. It also test scores with no extra studying required!


2. Fit and healthy

Both you and your child gets some exercise. Walking to school is a time to develop skills like balancing, hopping, and jumping without even knowing it. And you can get your 10,000 steps in.


3. Quality time

This is a great time to spend together without distractions. Talk about your days and what you can see in the surrounding and watch the changing of seasons


4. Hassle free drop off and pick ups

By walking you can avoid the problems of school gate parking, which can put all children in danger and cause unnecessary stress.


5. Fresh clean air

20% of all rush hour traffic is made up of people doing the school run. Fewer cars means better air quality, and better, cleaner air means you’ll lead a longer, healthier and more enjoyable life.  SFJS has conducted an air quality survey around the school.  To view the results please see the Air Quality section on the main Travel to School page.  


6. Safety first

It's a chance to talk to your child and enforce some of the road safety messages. Set a good example to your child.


7. Be social and make it a better place

By walking you make your neighbourhood safer, quieter, and friendlier. You will soon get to know your neighbours and fellow walkers.


8. Park and stride

Even if you live further away from school, you can park at a reasonable distance from the school and walk the rest of the way.  Have a look at our Park and Stride map in the PDF below.

Green Cross Code

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Road Ready? Expect the Unexpected

This film is to teach children between ages 7 to 12 about road safety. Find out more about road safety education resources for different age groups:

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