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South Farnborough Junior School

Embracing our values today, to be a successful part of the world tomorrow



“Embracing our values today… to be a successful part of the world tomorrow!”


Personal Development Learning

Subject Lead - Mrs Jess Granfield


We provide an inclusive environment in which every child is encouraged to develop a knowledge of how the world works around them. Our PDL curriculum aims to support our children to develop an appreciation of others and a deeper understanding of themselves so that they become good citizens, who appreciate other cultures and celebrate differences, whilst ensuring that they are mentally fit, healthy and happy. In PDL, this includes the children considering covering a number of curriculum threads: safeguarding, school values, British values, rights of a child, growth mindset, and diversity.


Our curriculum design allows children to develop their personal skills and understanding whilst promoting their spiritual, moral, social, cultural and mental development which prepare them for future opportunities and experiences.


To find out more about how we implement this, please see the long term plan document below.

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