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South Farnborough Junior School


Who's Who

Meet the Staff at our School!


Headteacher: Mrs J. Byrne

Deputy Head: Mrs E. Fanzo - Focus Teaching for English

Mainstream SENDCO: Mrs K. Rumbold


Class-Based Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Lower School Phase Leader - Mrs C. Jones

Upper School Phase Leader - Mrs C. Allen


Class Teacher Teaching Assistant
3X Mrs Orme Mrs Earle
3Y Mrs Jones (PT) & Mrs Webb (PT) Mrs Gibson
3Z Miss Ellis Mrs Best (HLTA - Lowers)
4X Mrs Walton Mrs Everett (ELSA)
4Y Mr Svensen Miss Sam
4Z Miss Waters Mr Stilwell
5X Mr Lines Mrs Carter
5Y Mrs Regan Mrs Barnard
5Z Miss Swales Mrs Wiltshire
6X Mr Bower Mrs James (ELSA)
6Y Mrs Allen Miss Best (HLTA - Uppers)
6Z Miss Senior Mrs Thomas


Provision (MLD)

Mrs Hudson

(Teacher in Charge of RP)

Mrs Hatton (PT)

Mrs Winter (PT)

Mrs Hildreth (HLTA - RP)

Mrs Palmer (HLTA - RP)

Mrs McIntosh (HLTA - RP)

Mrs Newman 


Non-class based Teachers

Covering P.P.A time, extra tuition support, management time and staff training time. 


Mr D. Boulter Part-time Teacher
Mrs S. Boulter Part-time Teacher
Mrs J. Jacobs Part-time Teacher - Focus Teaching for Maths and Pupil Premium Leader
Mrs C. Nelson Part-Time Teacher - Group Work (Will be going on maternity leave)
Miss J. Newbald Part-time Teacher - PE
Mrs J. Whittle Part-time Teacher 


Admin Staff

Mrs Z. Plummer - Business Manager

Mrs C. Kelly - Admin Officer

Mrs J. Grahamslaw - Admin Assistant and ELSA

Mrs J. Smith - Data Officer

Mrs L. Payne - First Aid Officer


Mr G. Davie - Facilities Manager

Mr S. Bird - Caretaker

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