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What is the Google App Directory?

The Google App Directory is available for PC/Mac/Laptop users when they sign in with their school Google logins.

To use the same apps on a phone or tablet, you will need to download the specific apps from your app store.  


To access the apps on the 9 dots next to your avatar.   This will open up the directory.  You can access any of your school work whether you are logged in at school or in your classroom.   There are 5 main apps that you will use. 


1. Google Classroom

This app is where you can access and hand in any assignments which have been set by your class teacher such as weekly homework, spellings, reading logs and work set for those that are self-isolating.  You can also access Google Meets direct from the classroom.  


2. Google Slides

This app allows you to create slideshows and presentations and is similar to Microsoft Powerpoint.  You may want to use this for topic work.  Work is automatically saved to your Google Drive.


3. Google Drive

This is where all your work is saved, regardless of which app you use.  You can share any of the files saved in your drive with your teacher or upload to Google Classroom for an assignment.  Your work is saved in the 'cloud' which means it is accessed via the internet rather than the device you are using.  As long as you have access to the internet, you could start a project at school and finish at home or vice versa


4. Google Sheets

This app allows you to make spreadsheets and is similar to Microsoft Excel.  This may be useful in maths for adding data and creating graphs.  Work is automatically saved to your Google Drive.


5. Google Docs

This app allows you to make documents and is similar to Microsoft Word.  You will probably use this app most often and it can be used for most subjects.  Work is automatically saved to your Google Drive.

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