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Cycling to school

South Farnborough Junior School recognises the many positive benefits of pupils cycling to and from school. We therefore encourage this form of travel.
Benefits of cycling to school include:

  • Improving health through physical activity.
  • Establishing positive active travel behaviour.
  • Promoting independence and improving safety awareness.
  • Reducing congestion, noise and pollution in the community.
  • Reducing environmental impact of the journey to school.


For safety reasons, cycling anywhere on the school site is forbidden.  Bikes should be walked in from an entrance which can then be stored in one of the designated cycle racks.  South Farnborough Junior School is not responsible for bicycles brought on to or left on school premises and is therefore not liable for pupils’ bicycles being stolen or damaged by a third party.  Therefore, bringing a bike to school is entirely at your own risk.  We strongly recommend that all bikes are locked to the racks whilst they are on site.  

Unfortunately, we do not have storage for cycle helmets, so they will need to be kept in the child's bag or on their peg.  

During the winter months, when the afternoons become darker, cyclists should also ensure they have both working front and rear lights as well as high visibility clothing.



Exercise your wheels ...

As part of your exercise, you can include running, walking or cycling. So why not dust off your wheels and give it a go?

Please follow the government guidelines while exercising outdoors at all times.

Cycling, like walking, remains an easy way to stay fit and keep active, as long as government advice on social distancing is followed. Remember to keep 2-3 metres between you and the nearest person. And always follow NHS guidance on hygiene too.


Space to Move

Check out Sustran's new interactive map to show where temporary measures such as pop-up cycle lanes and wider footpaths have been put in place to create more space to move during lockdown and beyond. Know of a new measure near you? You can let Sustrans know so they can add it to the map.


Lock ... down; Cycle skills ... up!

Bikeability have just launched a great new toolkit: The Bikeability Parent's Handbook has been designed especially for parents, guardians or carers of young cyclists who have just completed their Bikeability training. It's aim is to share with you what they have learnt and to give you the confidence to go cycling with them on roads of cycleways.


Other guides

Below are guides for you to download to support you with your household's cycling skills including how to ditch those stabilisers. Good luck!:


Bikeability Level 2 training is offered free of charge to all children in Year 6* usually in the Summer Term.  The training is optional however we do find a majority of pupils do want to take part.  Any rider signing up to the level 2 course will have a brief assessment on the playground, ensuring they know how to fit and adjust their own helmet, carry out a basic check bike, ensure they have appropriate clothing or accessories to help them ride comfortably and safely, carry out some basic bike control skills, such as riding in a straight line, signalling without losing control, braking correctly, looking over shoulder, all whilst maintaining control.


* Due to Covid-19, training will only be offered, if safe to do so. This will be reviewed closer to the time.  

Check your bike is safe to ride - A how to guide

For more information on how to maintain your bike, click here.

A practical, step-by-step guide to checking your cycle is safe to ride, using Sustrans' M Check method.

You can also brush up on your cycling skills and knowledge with this handy video from Bike It Jenny, who covers bike maintenance, road safety and more. For more bike skills videos, click here.

Learn to ride video from Sustrans' Bike It Ben

HSBC & British Cycling - Ready to Ride

Riding a bike gives you a great sense of freedom – and we think every child in Britain should have the chance to learn. HSBC UK Ready Set Ride, has free, quick and easy games to help you teach your child how to pedal – having lots of fun along the way.

Kids can start at any age and there is no pressure to start pedalling on your first go. In fact, you don’t need a bike or any cycling knowledge to get started. Plus there is lots of helpful information about bikes, knowing when your child is ready to ride and how you can use household items to play any of the games in your own home.

To start your learn to ride journey together, simply click on the link below.

In the cycling news

Do you know any frontline workers who could benefit from support with their bikes at this difficult time? Let them know about the Sustrans Cycles for Key Workers scheme with an interactive map and offers and services in their area.

Follow the latest Sustrans initiatives for safer roads and infrastructure for walking and cycling in the future

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