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Travel to School and Road Safety

Walk to School Week - 5th to 9th October 2020 

There will be posters in each of the classrooms for the children to record their participation and a certificate awarded to those who take part.  


Whilst we hope as many parents as possible leave their cars at home, we appreciate that many cannot avoid driving.  In order to include as many children as possible, we would encourage these parents to park and stride - park safely away from the school and walk the remaining distance.   As well as promoting the health and the environmental benefits of walking to school, this is a good opportunity to discuss key road safety messages.  


My Journey - How Could you Travel to School?

Getting to school doesn’t need to be a stressful journey in a car; it can be much more fun to take your bike, walk, scoot or take a bus or train with your friends! It’s good for your health, the environment and is cheap and helps you focus more at school.  My Journey is here to help make it easier to get to school by more active and sustainable means.The school run is a great opportunity to start you and your child’s day in a positive and energised way. By leaving the car at home or parking a short distance away from the school gate and walking the last 5-10 minutes to school, you will help to reduce congestion, improve air quality locally, make the school run safer and your child will be healthier, happier and ready to learn. This booklet shows you how you can make small and easy changes to your journey to school that can make a big difference.

Please click on the image or PDF below to read the booklet.

How will you travel to school? 

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Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSO)

The role of the JRSO is to pass on road safety messages to the other children and families at our school.  They will ensure that the children are aware of how to be safe as a passenger in a vehicle, cycling to school or walking. 

Our current JRSO is Seb in Year 6 and our road safety co-ordinator is Mrs Orme.


Year 3 - Transition to Junior School Travel - Information

Starting a new school is a big step for parents as well as children. Not only is your child embarking on their first taste of junior school education, but they are also going to a new location which involves a new, unfamiliar journey. This leaflet is designed to lead you through the process of planning your new journey to school and, as much as is possible, keeping it active, safe and sustainable.

Year 6 Transition to Secondary School 

The following secondary schools have produced journey planners to aid students travelling to and from school.  Please click on a PDF below for more information

Primary - Road Safety Update

Useful Websites and Apps

Please check out the websites below for more information and resources.


My Journey Hampshire

Your one stop destination for travel information and advice in the Hampshire area.


Brake Zebras

Brake Zebras is for children, families and teachers to find out more about road safety.

Brake Zebras provides free tools, activities and knowledge to support your children as they try to find out more about road safety.

Route Guard and Route Guardian Apps

Aimed at children Year 6 and up who may just be starting to walk to school independently.  Available on iOS and Android.


A charity who work to improve walking and cycling for everyone


Road safety resources for children


Air Quality 

In November 2019, Jean from Hampshire County Council came to our school to talk to us about The Clean Air Project. This is a project that is monitoring air pollution around schools and then thinking of ways we could stop it getting worse and affecting the area around the school! 

As part of her visit, she helped us to put up some air pollution testing tubes around the school grounds so that we could see which place was the most polluted. 

When she came back in December for her second visit she took the tubes down to be sent away for analysis and we put new tubes up so that we could have two sets of data to compare - November and December. 

Jean came back for her third and final visit and we talked about the November results. The tube that was placed high up by the fence in the upper school playground displayed the most pollution closely followed by the tube near the staff car park. We were a bit surprised by the result but Jean said that the tube in the upper school playground may get a high result because it is close to a busy road and a car park even though there is the field there as well! 

Jean took the December tubes down and sent them away for analysis. 

She sent us the results which showed that pollution readings in December were less than in November with the tube that was placed opposite the front of the school showing the highest pollution results. Jean said that this was probably due to it being colder and more people driving their children up to the school to drop them off. She said that the results were lower in December compared to November – probably due to the weather conditions. She also said that the pollution levels in December were more as we expected with the highest level found at the front of school on the road and the lowest in the Upper School playground.

The project was really interesting and we really enjoyed learning about the air pollution around our school. We are thinking about ways that we can reduce the pollution and encourage more people to leave their cars at home, car share or park further away and walk the last bit in! 

We think that more people should take opportunities to walk or cycle with their children to school - take the time to play games, look at nature as you are walking and try to find different routes! It could be fun and a chance to spend a bit more time together whilst keeping fit and healthy! If you can’t walk or cycle, maybe you could car share? If we can make an effort to cut down on using our cars then the air around our school will be much cleaner and healthier for us all! 

After all, Did you know that the air in the car can be 3 times worse than outside? Something to think about! 


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