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Assessment Results and Performance Data

Performance Data


The Government has announced that it will not publish any school or college level educational performance data based on tests, assessments or exams for 2022. This update published here clarifies what this means for the way school and college accountability will operate for 2021/22.


To view the Department for Education's (DfE) performance data for South Farnborough Junior School please click here

May 2022 SATs Results for 2021/2022 Academic Year


AS = Achieved Standard

GDS = Achieved Greater Depth in that Subject

% exc. MLD Provision


 AS                    GDS

% inc. MLD Provision


 AS                     GDS

2022 National Results
Reading Comprehension8330762874
Writing TA8628792669
Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling7826712372

% Achieving in Reading, Writing

and Maths Combined

Science TA90n/a82n/a79


2022 Pupil Progress Scaled Scores:


Excluding Resourced Provision children:

Reading - 1.1

Writing +1.5

Maths - 1.1 

SPAG - 1.8


Including Resourced Provision children:

Reading - 1.4

writing +1.2

Maths - 1.4 

SPAG - 2.3


2022 Average Scaled Score including Resourced Provision children: 

Scaled Score Reading = 106.0

Scaled Score Writing = 102.6

Scaled Score Maths = 104.7

Scaled Score SPaG = 105.5

Average Scaled Score (Reading, Maths, SPaG) = 105.1

Average Scaled Score (Reading & Maths) = 105.3


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