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How do I hand in an assignment?

What type of assignments will I be set? 

There are 3 main types of assignments:

  1. Weekly homework - This is typically maths and English and alternates each week.  You may however, occasionally be set topic work for a different subject e.g. History or spellings.
  2. Reading - You will also need to record your home reading for the week.  You should be aiming to read to at least 3 times a week (you can read much more if you wish!)
  3. Self-Isolation Home Learning - If you cannot come into school because you are self-isolating, your teacher will set you work in the classroom.  This will be the same as the work that is being covered in class to ensure you are kept up to date for when you return.  This only needs to be completed by the children who are at home!


How do I open an assignment?

Firstly click on the assignment which has been set. 

In this example we will look at the science home learning in this Year 6 class.

Here, you can see the instructions for what your teacher has set as well as any associated worksheets or presentations.  To view a presentation or worksheet, simply click on its link.  

You can also add class comments to ask your teacher a question.  In this example, 2 comments have already been made.   

 Remember any comments/questions posted here should be relevant to the assignment and are visible to the rest of the class as well as the teachers.


On a PC/Mac/Laptop








Click on the assignment (e.g. Science) and then view assignment.








You should then see something like this..

On a Mobile/Tablet

Click on the assignment (e.g. Science), this will take you straight to the assignment page.  


How do I hand in an assignment? 

Once you have completed your work you will need to save it in a format so you can upload it.  This can be saved to your Google drive or uploaded straight from your device.  If you have to complete a printed worksheet, this can be scanned in (if you have the equipment) or photographed and again saved to your Google drive or uploaded straight from your device.  The method you chose will depend on the type of work that has been set.    In this example, the worksheet needed to be printed as it was an 'arrange and stick' activity.  The completed worksheet was then photographed and uploaded straight from the device.  This shows how it was uploaded..


On a PC/Mac/Laptop

Using the box on the top right, click on + Add or Create.  A drop down menu will appear so you can choose where your file is saved.  In this instance, we are uploading from the PC so clicked on file, then upload and browse to select the photo.  

The worksheet has now been uploaded.  If you have more than one worksheet, click on + Add or Create and repeat the process.  


Once you have uploaded all your work click Hand in.  


You can also ask your teacher a question here. 

Again this should only be used if relevant to the assignment!


You have now handed in your assignment!

On a Phone/Tablet

From the assignment screen, swipe up from the arrow at the bottom where it says Your Work.  Click on Add Attachment and select the source of your file, in this case a photo was uploaded from the phone.  Once all your work has been uploaded click Hand in to submit.  


HELP! I need to change something!

Don't panic! If you have forgotten to add something or need to make an amendment to the work you have submitted, click on the Unsubmit button.  This will take you back to the Hand in screen.  You can then add or remove work.  

On a PC/Mac/Laptop                           On a Phone/Tablet


DON'T FORGET to upload the new work and click Hand in again to resubmit your work!

My assignment doesn't have anything to 'Hand in'

There may be some work set that doesn't have a worksheet or requires you to submit work.  For example you may be asked to practise your times tables using TTRockstars.  In this instance, go into the assignment as above and instead of adding an attachment just click Mark as done.  If required, you can leave a comment to let your teacher know what you have completed.

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