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Letters to Parents

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PE Days

Middle school children have 2 sessions of PE with their link class every week (see chart below) as well as an extra co-ordination skills lesson on a Friday morning.


Year 3 and Year 6 Outdoor Games


5Z & 6X Indoor PE


5Y Indoor PE

3Z Indoor PE



4Z Indoor PE

Friday Middle School Co-ordination Skills

Year 4 & 5 Outdoor Games

6Y & 6Z Indoor PE

Please ensure you bring your full PE kit in on these days.

House Dojo Points

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Current Class Readers

Middle School enjoy reading a number of books over the term. Here are some of our favourites!

The Book With No Pictures by B. J. Novak
This innovative and wildly funny read-aloud will be the Must Have book of the season. You might think a book with no pictures seems boring and serious.'s how books work. Everything written on the page has to be said by the person reading it aloud. Even if the words say...BLORK. Or BLUURF. Even if the words are a preposterous song about eating ants for breakfast, or just a list of astonishingly goofy sounds like BLAGGITY BLAGGITY and GLIBBITY GLOBBITY. 
Not Now Bernard by David McKee
Bernard's got a problem. He's found a monster in the back garden but his mum and dad are just too busy to notice. So Bernard tries to befriend the monster… and that doesn't go quite to plan.
The Selfish Crocodile by Faustin Charles 
Every morning a very large and very snappy crocodile shouts this selfish message: 'Stay away from my river! It's MY river! If you come in my river, I'll eat you all!' The animals in the forest don't know what to do. They are frightened of the crocodile. Even the fish, tadpoles, frogs, crabs and crayfish stay out of the water. Until one day, the creatures are woken by a loud groaning sound which turns out to be the selfish crocodile in a lot of pain, and the smallest of them all, a little mouse, finds a way to solve their snappy dilemma!
The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson
Plop, the Baby Barn Owl, is like every Barn Owl there ever was, except for one thing - he is afraid of the dark. "Dark is nasty" he says and so he won't go hunting with his parents. Mrs Barn Owl sends him down from his nest-hole to ask about the dark and he meets a little boy waiting for the fireworks to begin, an old lady, a scout out camping, a girl who tells him about Father Christmas, a man with a telescope and a black cat who takes him exploring. He realizes that through these encounters that dark is super after all.
Plop is a baby owl. Perfect in every way - except for one. He's afraid of the dark. But he soon discovers, through a variety of new friends, that dark can be fun and exciting and magical. 

Find Your Brave Day

Middle School enjoyed talking about times they have had to be brave. These included learning to ride a bike, moving school and class and trying Brussel sprouts! They talked about what they could do if they had any worries and enjoyed creating 'Worry Monsters' to eat up any concerns!

Year 5 - Earth and Space Topic with Oreos!

Year 5 loved learning about the different phases of the moon!  The best bit was getting to eat the Oreos at the end!

Year 6 Greek Pots

After weeks of soggy papier-mache, Year 6 were proud to be able to paint and decorate their Greek Pots!

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