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School Payments

School Payments


The school uses Tucasi to enable Parents / Carers to make online payments quickly and easily.  If you wish to pay via cash or cheque you may do so by handing straight to the staff on reception or in a clearly named envelope via your child's teacher. 


We also use the same system for booking Parents' Evening appointments with your class teacher.  These are held twice a year and you will receive notification when the booking system is open. 


MOBILE PHONE USERS: If you wish to make a parents evening booking using your mobile phone, you will need to use the desktop version of their site.  You may get a prompt asking if you would like to use a mobile version,  Click cancel and log in as usual.  You should then be able to see the parents evening tab. 


How do I register for online payments? 

A letter with an access code will be sent to all new pupils when they start school.  If you already have a child at school but cannot access your account, please contact the school office. 

For more information on how to set up your account, please see the help guides below. 


Can I see what my child has been ordering for lunch? 

Yes.  From your account home screen, under Account Balances > Dinner Money and click on 'View Calendar', you will then be able to see all meals ordered whether it is a school meal or packed lunch from home. 

Can I set up account reminders? 

Yes.  There is an account alert feature which allows you to set your account to alert you in the following situations:

  • When an account balance falls below a level which you set.
  • When a new trip becomes available for your child online. 
  • When a payment on an account for a trip becomes due.  You decide how many days before the deadline you would like the reminder to come through. 
  • When you have been invited to a parent's evening. 
  • To remind you of your parents evening appointment

Alerts will be sent through to the registered email address.  For full details on how to set this up, please see the guide below. 


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