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Covid-19 Symptoms in Children

Dear Parents and Carers

I am writing to clarify a few Covid-19 related points as we have been having numerous Parents/Carers phoning up with questions about when/whether to send their children for testing.

I have spoken to the DfE Coronavirus helpline and they have confirmed the following:

Your child only has to have 1 symptom to be eligible to get a test – a new continuous cough and/or high temperature and/or loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell.

However, they have recognised that it is difficult to get a test at the moment and it is the ‘time of year’ for coughs and colds etc. They have told me to direct Parents/Carers to do the following:

If your child has any one of the symptoms, please do not send them into school. Ring 111 to seek medical guidance as to whether you need to get a test. They will talk to you and ascertain if the symptom is a Covid-19 symptom or just part of having a cold etc. They will speak to you about how your child is, feels etc and THEY will make the decision as to whether you need to get a test.

Please inform school either way - if you have been told by 111 to get a test AND if they are saying a test is not necessary.

If you have been given the go-ahead to send your child to school by 111, please feel free to dose them up with Calpol. Please do not send them into school having given them Calpol if they are feeling ill and with high temperature etc before ringing 111, as this might mask their symptoms.

If any Parent/Carer has left an answerphone message this morning, please can you ring school to clarify your child’s condition.


Many thanks


Mrs Jenny Byrne

Head Teacher

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