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Art & Design Technology (DT)

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Art and Design Technology (DT)

The Intent, Implementation and Impact of our Art and Design Technology Curriculum.



Here, at South Farnborough Junior School, we value and are dedicated to the teaching of Art and Design Technology. We see this as a fundamental part of school life. We are committed to providing an ‘Arts Rich Curriculum’ for our children. We believe that by developing this, we can contribute to the quality of our children’s lives, both within and beyond school. We see art and design as a means to support learning in a range of ways. As a school, one of our values is creativity and we believe that the skills that are developed in these creative subjects can be transferred across the curriculum and, thus, aid learning.



Class teachers are usually responsible for teaching art and design technology, although there will be times when professional artists/helpers will be involved in the teaching of the topic. We take every opportunity to develop links with outside agencies and experts, including our local secondary school, in order to enrich our Art and Design provision.

Where possible, art and design are linked to cross-curricular topics in order to help the children understand the ‘big picture’ of art and design within history and culture. We use ‘Take One Picture’ twice a year in order to celebrate art within our school community and encourage children to embrace the positive impact that art and design have on a community.

We scaffold our children’s learning through the school by helping them to progress in different skills at three level: apprentice, competent and expert whereby the level of support given and the amount of creativity and deeper thinking is adapted in order to help them to meet the objectives. This is apparent both across the whole school approach and also within each academic year.

Below are examples from each year group where children will have the opportunity to link their art and design skills to the wider curriculum:


Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Sketches/coil and

thumb pots inspired

by the pots of the

Bronze Age Beaker



The children will use different materials to make a 3D puppet. In this project, we will link art, drama and science (light). The children will observe the shadows made by the puppets during role play sessions.


To create a large Georgia O’Keefe-style flower painting. Plant art project linking with science unit about plants


To create a painting in the style of the Vincent Van Gogh painting, Old Man in Sorrow. This unit of work allows the children to reflect upon our school values by focusing on the value of empathy.


To create a colourful, symmetrical pattern with coloured tiles on a wooden base. Link to History project with focus on Roman mosaics.


Sketches and photographs of local rivers.(Geography)


Impressionistic painting inspired by the work of Claude Monet - using watercolours.

To design Anglo-Saxon illuminated letters.


Looking at the work of Beatrice MilhazesSouth America. (Geography The children will create rainforest collages. They will use a collagraph, which is a stamp made of textured materials that are glued onto a base. They will make a collagraph to use for printing onto a collage of squares.


To create a Greek theatre comedy/tragedy mask (History/Geography and Drama)

Whole School Art Project – SFJS School Values- Resilience. Additional link to BLM. Create paintings inspired by the work of Jacob Lawrence’s artwork to be displayed.


North American Art – Norval Morrisseau. Link with Geography. The children to create sketches, paintings and an end of topic project will be to reproduce their design onto a cotton bag.


Sketches/Mayan clay heads link with History.



By the end of their time with us, all children should have achieved the National Curriculum objectives:

· To create sketch books to record their observations and use them to review and revisit ideas

· To improve their mastery of art and design techniques, including drawing, painting and sculpture with a range of materials [for example, pencil, charcoal, paint, clay]

· About great artists, architects and designers in history.

Our aim is that our art curriculum will inspire our children enjoy the self-expression that they experience in both Art and Design Technology; that they are always keen to learn new skills and work hard to perfect those shown to them. The children’s art is very often cross-curricular, and helps them to express feelings and emotions in art, as well as show their knowledge and understanding in history, geography and science. Through their art and design, the children are able to reach out into the community to display their work.

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