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Welcome to the home of South Farnborough Juniors School's Sports News and Events. 


Sports Calendar

Date Event Where and When? 
24/04/18 Y3/4 Netball Festival

St. Nicolas' School, Fleet.

4 - 5.20pm

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26/04/18 Y5/6 Handball Festival

Samuel Cody School, Farnborough

  4 - 5.45pm

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When is my P.E. Day?  




Indoor 3Y and 6Z

Outdoor ALL Year 4


Indoor 3X and 3Z

Indoor 4Y

Outdoor ALL Year 6

Wednesday Indoor 4X and 4Z

Outdoor ALL Year 5

Thursday Indoor 5X and 5Y

Indoor 6X and 6Y

Friday MLD Co-ordination Skills

Indoor 5Z

Outdoor ALL Year 3

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