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Dear Parent and Carers

We are emailing, following our phone calls this morning, to confirm that the children down in Calshot will be returning a day early on Thursday 1st March 2018 by the end of the school day.

This decision was taken as the coach company have told us that for health and safety reasons and due to the weather forecast for Friday, they want to collect the children tomorrow. We understand that this is disappointing for the children, however I am sure you would not want us to jeopardise the safety of your children by going against health and safety advice.  Thank you for your understanding of our reasons for getting the children back safely early.

For those Parents/Carers who suggested that the journey was just a matter of travelling down the main roads, such as M3 and M27, there is 12 miles of minor roads the coach will need to navigate and they do not feel they can do this safely on the Friday due to the forecast and due to their Risk Assessments.

For those Parents/Carers who expressed concern about the cost, we will obviously be looking into this. Unfortunately Calshot will not refund us any money and the HCC insurance does not cover anything snow related, so any refunds will be from the school budget.

For those Parents/Carers who thought we may just keep the children down in Calshot for an extra night or two, this cannot be accommodated by the centre.

I hope this email answers any questions that you may have but please feel free to contact me if not.

We will expect the children in school on Friday as usual to tell us all about their activities etc.

All further communications regarding the children's return tomorrow will be sent via text

Mrs Plummer 

School Business Manager

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