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Stranger Incident 19th July 2018

Dear Parents and Carers


I am writing to let you know about an incident that happened with some of our Year 6 boys in the park this morning. A group of our boys came in very shaken because they had been approached by two Nepalese women before school. The women engaged them in conversation and made them feel uncomfortable and unsafe, especially as one of the women had approached/ followed one of these boys the previous evening, again in the park. 


We alerted the police immediately and an officer came in to meet with the boys. Whilst the police officer explained to the boys that it could well be a cultural thing and not anything to be concerned about, we feel as part of our duty of care, that ANY stranger approaching our children needed to be reported to yourselves. The police have told us that they will follow this up.


We assured the boys that they had acted correctly and followed the ‘Stranger Danger’ rules. Please reiterate with your children the importance of ‘Stranger Danger’ and that if they are made to feel uncomfortable in any way that they should report it immediately.


Mrs Byrne


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