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Inter-house Competition

Cross Country

As we have already found out our house captains for each colour (you will find their names on our website) we are reporting from SFJS. We are doing our first inter house competition where everyone takes part in a school cross country event, collecting a lollie stick for each lap. These will then be added and the winning house will receive the trophy for the first time this year.


The young leaders helped each year group to warmup then acted as marshalls around the course, encouraging everyone to do their best.

The warmup included our favourite catchphrase, “I must eat my chocolate!”. Year 3’s started to run vigorously but soon found out they just need to jog. They were enjoying the run and laughing all the way though.


Next was the Year 4 slot, again the young leaders did a flawless warmup and before we knew it they were off. All the young leaders were receiving LOTS of high fives.


After play it was the Year 5 chance to run as many laps as possible and they did!. All of them were trying their hardest and having lots of fun whilst not stopping.


Finally, it was Year 6’s turn as well as the young leaders. Lots more laps were run and the totals for each group were added.


Mr Boulter told us, “It was brilliant! He would do it again and he ran one mile and a quarter.”

Tom also agreed, “It was good and everyone was enthusiastic.”

Mr Lines thought that it was inspiring.


The winning house was……………………………….Red!!!


This report was written by Turner and Lola J.  

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