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Inter-House Cross Country

Inter-House Cross Country Report


All children were first warmed up by the Young Leaders to prepare them for the inter-house competition. They were staggered at the start to avoid collisions, with reds and greens at the bottom of the field and the gates for blue and yellow opposite at the top. Keeping the red cones on their left, they soon merged into an exhausted, moving rainbow, moving at quite a fast pace, but only at the beginning! Everybody tried their best to collect as many lolly sticks as they could for their colour, to contribute towards winning the house cup.


High fives and motivational encouragement were given full-heartedly by the Young Leaders along the way to help the children carry on - it’s a wonder how the Young Leaders’ voices weren’t hoarse or their hands burning, the amount of enthusiasm shown by them. Teachers ran alongside the children, and, if one struggled, a Young Leader ran with them too. Posted on every bend was a Young Leader to ensure nobody cheated and to be there on standby in case of accidents or medical problems. And as much as the children were exhausted, so were the helpers! The whole event, it’s fair to say, was a success, but a tiring one at that! But who will win...


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