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Eversley Kwik Cricket

13/6/16                                                                                                        Lily T.

Eversley Kwik Cricket Tournament


Proudly, we climbed out of the South Farnborough Junior School minibus, bags slung over our shoulders. The team marched across the field, soaking wet under large, heavy raindrops, and were directed to a cosy (and slightly small) changing room.


After taking a seat on cold benches, a ripple of chatter broke through the team. We were all bursting with a mixture of nerves, excitement and energy. Miss Sam hushed us and all we fell silent, eyes upon Miss Newbald, who was stood in the middle of the room. She explained the rules to us patiently answering every question we had to ask. “There will be two teams. A girls team and a boys team. Each will have a team captain and I have decided it should be Archie and Lily, with a little help from Lara if Lily needs it. Good luck and play well!


The first match we played against All Saints, who played stronger than we did and won. Nevertheless, we were desperate to show our skill, and to prove that we were only warming up. And we were right.


After a wobbly start, we came back strong, winning one match clean and the other by only a couple of points. But still, we had won! They were brilliant games, full of sixes and fours, all of which gave us many well-deserved runs.


The boys, too, did extremely well in their first matches, batting and bowling amazingly to gain more runs for the team


Shortly after a well deserved lunch, we set off to pitch 8 to play our penultimate game, which resulted in us winning. As always we congratulated the other team and thanked the Umpire.


Our time to shine had finally come. With a magnificent team behind her, Miss Sam lead up to our final match. The boys surprised us and turned up to watch and after endless cheering saw up draw with Potley Hill School. That left us as joint third.


The boy’s match didn’t go so well. They were against St. Peters, who enjoyed getting the boys out numerous times. Despite the fact that the game was lost, the boys played spectacularly well until the end.


So that was the day over. We were all thoroughly exhausted and  extremely pleased. Our amazing teams had done South Farnborough very proud.

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