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Display Boards

The displays are the result of a whole school Art project. Each display is based on the painting ‘Mr and Mrs Andrews’ by Thomas Gainsborough.


Year 6 developed their sewing skills and created a variety of beautiful leaves using felt and beads that were placed onto a large crepe paper tree to resemble the one in Gainsborough’s painting.


Year 5 was inspired by the shoes that the young couple in the painting were wearing so they decided to create their own shoes using papier-mâché and various paint colours. During the process of creating shoes for their display, the children researched the history of shoes.


Year 4 children examined the painting closely and tried to imagine what Gainsborough had planned to paint where there is blank canvas on Mrs Andrews’s lap.  The children had many creative ideas that they expressed using watercolours and coloured pencils.


Year 3 focused on landscapes. The children used yarn to create their own landscapes based on the Gainsborough painting. In addition, the children had the opportunity to learn how to blend chalk pastels in order to match the colours in their artwork to the landscape of the painting.

Middle school pupils also examined the landscape of ‘Mr and Mrs Andrews’. Then they created, with paint, their own copy of the landscape focusing on the colours and shapes they could see. They then pasted a copy of Mr and Mrs Andrews into their scene creating their own version of Gainsborough’s famous picture.